The theory of diffusion of innovations really made an impact on me. It was elegant and useful for me to understand the problem I wanted to focus on. And I used it as the basis of my first idea for my PhD. In our program, we have to write a Research and Study Plan (RSP) and update it troughout the program. The first version is due after 6 months and then every end of the year.

So, I used the diffusion of innovations to base my RSP but also a doctoral symposium submission to XP 2018 and as the proposal to the NITIM summer school. The doctoral symposium publication is an official one and is available online with the title: “What influences software startups to use lean startup?” And until today many people are interested on it as I see on ResearchGate.

On this paper, I proposed two research questions regarding what are the determinants for the Lean Startup adoption and how these determinants influence the adoption. That was what I had in mind. With that, I went to the doctoral symposium and the NITIM summer school in a period of probably less than a month between May and June 2018. In the next post, I will write about the feedback I had and what I learned.